No matter how you like them, smooth, frothy, or upfront and full of life, our Jugs are only $10 at the Salty.

Put a smile on your face down at The Salty Dog in Moturoa this Monday & every Monday.


Every Tuesday at the Salty Dog is your chance to win with ‘Chase the Ace’.

What do you have to do we hear you ask? Well, each drink you buy between 5 and 7 pm gives you a chance to go in the draw. The draw takes place at 7 pm. If you are drawn, you’ll get the chance to fetch the Ace out of a deck of cards - fetch it and you win the cash! But if the Ace isn’t picked then the jackpot grows by $20 each week.

Tuesday 2


Wicked Wednesday Draw from 5 - 7 pm | $2 joining fee | winning number drawn at 7 pm.

As well as; Karaoke, Bingo – featuring Bingo master Kaz.

And our full menu available from 4-9pm to make sure nobody is singing on an empty stomach!


Get into the Salty Dog for Thirsty Thursday and your chance to win handles, jugs and bars tabs!

Plus get your brain in gear for the quiz with Joe at 6.30 pm sharp! 

> 1st prize $50 bar tab
> 2nd prize $30 bar tab
> 3rd prize $20 bar tab



THANK DOG IT'S FRIDAY! Time for Free hot meat sandwiches along with $5 pints, from 6 pm onwards.

Check out our Facebook page to see where Our Kennel Club Cash Draw is at now & remember it jackpots by $75 each week.

Drawn at 7 pm but make sure you’re here to win. No show means no win.


This afternoon is your chance to win $30 bar tabs at 2, 3 and 4pm. 

At 6pm we have Bingo, with a jackpot that goes up $150 each week till it’s won. Just one game of Bingo - 50 numbers called to win the jackpot - game will then continue till bingo is called and the prize then is a $30 bar tab. Now the question is, will you spend them today or save them for tomorrow?



You ain't nothin' but a hound dog ... everybody now!! 

Sing your lungs out Sunday at the Salty dog with Karaoke from 3 pm until 7 pm.

Plus chances to win with spin the wheel from 2-3 pm.