All Day Menu

Jimmy's Own Nachos [$12]

Beef Nachos, served with sour cream

Fries with garlic aioli  [$5.50]

Fries with garlic aioli [$6.50]

Toasted Sandwich [$5.50]

Add fries for $2

Prawn Twisties & Fries [$7.50]
Heineken Battered Fish & Fries [$19.50]

Fresh fish of the day, in a Heineken beer batter, served with fries

Soup of the Day [$6.50]
Garlic Bread [$6.50]
Pizza [$12.50 each]

Meatlovers & Hawaiian

fish and fries

Doggie Grub

Available: Wednesdays from 2pm | Thursdays from 4pm | Friday’s from 10am | Weekends from 12pm

BLT [$15]

Premium honey cured bacon with lettuce & tomato, served with fries

Open Beef Sandwich [$17.50]

Prime scotch fillet steak, horseradish sauce and caramelised onions

Open Chicken Sandwich [$19]

Chicken, brie, avocado & Jimmy's own apricot relish

Lamb Shank [$18]

Braised in red wine, served with creamy mash, broccoli, peas, caramelised baby carrots and gravy

Scotch Fillet [$28]

200g prime Angus scotch fillet with garlic sauteed mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes and fries, with a side salad

Chicken Fettuccini [$18]

Chicken pasta with cream and white wine sauce




Fettuccini Marinara [$18]

A seafood pasta with tomato based sauce

'Dog Food' [$15]

Sausages, bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, mushrooms & tomatoes 

Pea, Pie & Pud [$12]

Meat pie with a creamy mash, baby peas and gravy

Burgers [$16.50]

Choose your meat; Chicken, Beef, Fish or Lamb

Pizza [$12.50 each]

Meatlovers, Hawaiian & BBQ Chicken